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Mission Empowerment is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization which seeks to leverage a global network of trusted relationships with chairmen, CEOs, and senior government leaders to empower humanitarian, philanthropic, and charitable efforts by accomplishing rapid problem solving, identifying cutting edge technology, facilitating logistics, and leading critical special projects.

  • Technology

    Many humanitarian, philanthropic, and charitable efforts do not have the cutting edge technology which would empower them to help more people.  These efforts may not even be aware of what technology is being developed that could enhance their efforts.  Mission Empowerment Foundation has the expertise and awareness necessary to formulate technological solutions, and resources to rapidly procure and deliver this technology to those in the field.

  • Research

    Research is a critical resource that is needed across a broad spectrum of humanitarian, philanthropic, and charitable efforts.  Getting the right research at the right stage of planning or operations can mean the difference between success and failure.  To providing real time satellite photos, to tailored cultural information, to leveraging unique first-hand insight, Mission Empowerment Foundation rapidly conducts and transmits critical information to the individual on the front lines of a crisis.

  • Logistics

    Mission Empowerment Foundation is also involved in various logistics efforts around the globe.  From large logistics operations of moving hospital equipment from the US to Africa to a small operation of delivering  a satellite phone to an NGO in the middle of a jungle, Mission Empowerment Foundation has the expertise and resources to get the job done.

  • Special Projects


    Special projects are larger initiatives that leverage all the pillars of the Foundation (current technology, research, and logistics) and provide continual oversight from concept development to in-country implementation.  Mission Empowerment Foundation is an organization that has a leadership structure with a proven track record of effectively leading large projects to success.

  • 1) Listen

    Listen to the project partner in order to understand the nature of the problem.  Too many times, a problem solving company wants to talk before they even know what they are talking about.  At Mission Empowerment Foundation, we listen.

  • 2) Evaluate

    Evaluate the project partner's internal processes, organization and resources available in the local vicinity of the tasked area.  This evaluation will enable MEF to determine gaps in resources and processes that must be addressed in order to create an effective solution

  • 3) Leverage

    Leverage a global network of trusted relationships in order to create an optimum and cost effective solution.

  • 4) Fund


    Fund the solution.  At Mission Empowerment Foundation, we believe that a fully funded, complete solution is more effective than an incrementally funded solution that requires months/years to implement.

  • 5) Train

    Train the project partner.  Cutting edge technology and solutions are only as good as the utilization by the project partner.  Mission Empowerment Foundation not only supplies the solution, but also ensures that the project partner can effectively use the solution.

  • 6) Stay

    Stay with the project partner until the problem is solved and the solution is properly implemented.


1) Every person in the world is important, deserving of dignity and respect.


2) No partner is more important than any other, all are equally valued.


3) Each person can have a unique contribution and can make a difference.


4) Networking increases synergism, synergism can lead to exponential affect.


5) Risk is a component in any project, accounting for and mitigating the risk can be accomplished through planning.


6) Ethical behavior is a necessary piece of any successful undertaking, ethical behavior of ourselves and ethical behavior of recipients.


7) Stewardship in all elements of funding.


8) Any endeavor accepted receives the highest possible commitment.


9) Our goal is success at the local level which creates a global impact.


10) We stay until the job is done.

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