Borneo 2009 Project

Project Overview


The Borneo effort is focused on efforts to aid a tribe which is located in the middle of Borneo, quite a distance from any permanent civilization (map).


The project recipients are a team of US, German, and Indonesian NGOs which are developing a written language for the tribe. Having a written language will benefit the tribe in the area of education and greatly increase the quality of life for both this tribe's current generation as well as future generations. Translation activities are what the NGO group excelled in; however, they faced very real barriers in the pursuit of this effort.


First, stable electricity had to be brought into the tribe. The solution: installation of a unique, four-panel solar array and re-wiring the education building with DC outlets.


Second, clean water is necessary to sustain life. Presently, this tribe's chief source of water is polluted with mercury from up-river gold mines. The solution: and innovative three-stage water filtration system that will remove the mercury, harmful parasites, and dangerous virus/bacteria.


Third, though the NGOs have access to communications equipment, this access is sparse and intermittent at best. The solution: a high gain antenna and communications tower will be mounted on the educational facility. This will greatly improve access to these vital communications.

Project Timeline

Project Updates

Project Resources

Project Results

Project Timeline


5 Apr 09 - Depart Kansas City


16 Apr 09 - Arrive in Singapore


17 Apr 09 - Arrive Jakarta


18 Apr 09 - Depart Jakarta, arrive in Pontianak


20 Apr 09 - Depart Pontianak via bush plane, arrive in Putussibau


20 Apr 09 - Depart Putussibau via outboard motor boat to target village


25 Apr 09 - Depart target village via outboard motor boat, arrive in Putussibau


27 Apr 09 - Depart Pontianak, arrive Jakarta


28 Apr 09 - Depart Jakarta, arrive in Sinagpore


29 Apr 09 - Depart Sinagpore, arrive in Kanasas City

Project Updates


April 29, 2009: The team has arrived safely in the United States. The team is understandably tired and are looking forward to a restful few days on their return.


April 28, 2009: Singapore is the current location of our task team. They have arrived safely and are scheduled to be in the US in approximately 18 hours.


April 27, 2009: The team has arrived in Jakarta and will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow. The goal is to be back at Mission Empowerment offices by April 30, 2009.


April 25, 2009: The team has finally left the jungles of Borneo. They will be heading to Jakarta in the near future.


April 24, 2009: The water system has been completed and tested. All tasks have now been completed.


April 23, 2009: Electrical systems have been completed! The water filtration system will be started today. An additional day at the target location has been scheduled to complete the work.


April 22, 2009: Currently, about half the work on the electrical system has been accomplished. The team plans on finishing the electrical system today and then will begin work on the water systems soon.


April 20, 2009: The team has arrived in the target area. Work on the various projects (water, power, cell tower) will begin soon.


April 19, 2009: All equipment arrived in Pantianak. One crate is being moved to our staging area at Putussibau. These will go with us in the bush plane. Plan is to meet up with the equipment in the morning and the travel by truck and boat to the tribe.


April 17, 2009: Jarkarta has been reached and all customs issues have been resolved. The temperature is 90 degrees and there is 80% humidity. The team is now preparing for the trip to Pontianak.


April 16, 2009: Our team has made it through the first leg of their journey. They are now preparing to depart for Jakarta. Keep checking back for additional updates coming soon.

Project Resources




One of our task partners has given us the schematics of the equipment to be installed


Water Filtration System:


We have received an image detailing the water filtration system. This is a system designed to be used on a smaller scale. It has three stages. The first stage cleans out large impurities, the second stage kills bacteria while the final stage uses ultraviolet light to destroy any remaining viruses.


Sat Phone:


Our satellite phone has arrived. It is an Iridium 9555a. There are 60+ satellites in orbit and this phone is in contact with three of them at any given moment. Some great technology for the trip especially given the sparse communications option.


We went through Gardline Communications for the purchase. They are great people to work with.

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