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Welcome to the Mozambique 2014 Project Update.


Mozambique is a developing country that has seen a large growth in GDP in recent years.  Even with this growth, however, it is a country that ranks near the lowest in GDP per capita, human development, and tragically, average life expectancy.  The need here is obvious and great.


Mission Empowerment Foundation has taken on part of this need as we seek to equip local educators in their literacy expansion efforts.  As the local inhabitants gain greater literacy, they will gain access to greater opportunities in character development and  leadership development.  The effects of these efforts are exponential as education spreads.  Educated mothers in developing countries are more likely to send their children to school than non-educated mothers.  Disease prevention, improvement in self-esteem, and increased self-sufficiency are additional tangential results.


The MEF target areas of Mozambique are among the extreme poor with the possibility of greatest effect.  They are in undeveloped or underdeveloped areas with little access to basic necessities of water, adequate shelter, refrigeration, or electricity.

Project Agenda

Project Results

Project Overview:

Provide technical expertise and physical assistance to area educators.


Project Specifics:

1) Drilling a well to ensure access to safe water resources.  A hindrance to this particular effort is the well must be dug through solid granite.


2) Equipping local educators with solar power units, furthering efforts via powering strategic educational equipment.


3) Repair refrigeration equipment for local educators, providing a reliable and sustainable nutritional supply where little consistent supply exists.


Project Timeline:

July 9 2014 - July 31 2014

Photos and other results will be posted as they are received.

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