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Philippines 2010 Project

Project Overview


Welcome to the Philippines task update.


The current Philippines task (2010) is located on the island of Negros.  It is one of the few areas in the area that provides higher level education in their field.  Though the grounds are located on a piece of land that is suitable for their needs along the island's western shore line, the sea wall surrounding the location has crumbled.  As a result, each typhoon season the property floods and the educational classes are discontinued until the land has recovered from the resulting flooding.


Our task is to rebuild and in some areas replace the existing sea wall structure.  This will allow these critical property areas to remain protected throughout the year and enable classes to be effectively taught throughout the year.


Project Timeline

Project Updates

Evaluation Update

Project Results

Project Timeline:


12 April: Depart from the US

13 April: Arrive in Manila

14 April: Arrive in Negros

14 April through 22 April: Task Completion

22 April: Depart Negros

23 April: Depart Manila, arrive in the US


Project Updates:


4/15/2010 - Update:

This update comes from under a thatched roof overlooking the ocean.  Sound like paradise?  Truthfully, it is paradise.  There are two Filipino women that cook us lunch and dinner and the sunsets are phenomenal.  However, this is not a vacation.  Currently, there are six people on the MEF team and we are working alongside 18 Filipino workers.  We are working on the building the sea wall that is 20 feet high, 20 feet wide, and 300+ feet long.  The foundation is comprised of special matting material and boulders weighing hundreds of pounds.  These are moved by an old excavator that burns as much oil as it does diesel fuel.  But once those boulders are laid, it is up to the team to carry rocks weighing between 20 to 75 pounds.  It is back breaking work, but the progress has been incredible.  More than half of the wall is built.  It is an imposing structure but will undoubtedly lead to a safer environment for this community.


Since we are under budget, we are also shoring up the north sea wall to create a dike against the adjacent river.


One of the neat developments thus far is that various local leaders have heard about this project and are actually coming to live with us for five days and will help build the wall.  These local leaders are very poor so we will be housing and feeding them. However, this is a great sign that the indigenous population is taking ownership in the project.


Each morning, the work begins at 7 AM.  We get together for a debriefing meeting and set goals and the agenda for the day.  Again, good work is being done and we are continually going forward.


4/16/2010 - Update:

It has been an interesting day.  Like every day we begin with our debriefing and strategy session.  The project continues to progress.  We are ahead of schedule and under budget.  In fact, we already moved past the sea wall distance goal for this project.  With the money remaining, we should be able to erect a formidable sea wall across most of the exposed beach area!


4/18/2010 - Update:

Sunday is finally coming to a close here in the Philippines and it has been quite a day.  There are seven workers that are part of this team.  Five of us were able to spend part of the day talking to those here in the area.  We have seen some encouraging and challenging things here in the Philippines during this project.  The MEF project to build the seawall brought seven people to Bacolod City with an approximate cost of $30k.  The seawall is almost completed under budget and ahead of schedule.  It has been an incredible trip and a great project to be a part of.


Evaluation Update:


12/3/2010 -

The sea wall that was financed and constructed in part by Mission Empowerment Foundation has been evaluted after a season of use.  The typhoon rains were reportedly very strong in the region this year.  Even under this heavy pressure, the engineer who examined the sea wall reported that it is performing admirably, no structural issues have been noted.


For pictures of sea wall structure, visit the results section of this site.


1/7/2012 -

We have heard received word of great results being seen from the sea wall built in 2010. The project has undergone an inspection by an engineer. The engineer stated that the wall has not moved or even settled. It has weathered the typhoons, even numerous super typhoons, and has successfully withstood and protected the target educational site. Currently, the educational facility is planning on building an additional institution facility.