Papua New Guinea 2010

Project Overview


Welcome to the Papua New Guinea task update.


The Papau New Guinea task involves updating and upkeeping the electrical systems for groups that are involved in literacy and social development work.  This task will include inspection of solar battery systems, solar equipment replacement, technological updates, water systems setups and communications equipment repairs.


This task is vital to the ongoing literacy work taking place in the highland regions of Papau New Guinea along with limited work in the coastal area of Madang.  From our base of operations located in the region of Goroka, we will be taveling to these remote areas of Papua New Guinea to ensure these efforts can continue without power disruptions, clean water shortages, or communications failures.


Project Timeline

Project Results

Project Timeline:


General Itinerary:

15-16 July: Omaha, NE to San Francisco, CA

17 - Arrive in Sydney, Australia

18 July: Arrive in Port Moresby, PNG

19 July: Arrive in Goroka, PNG (base of operations)

20-25 July: Task Completion

26 July: Arrive in Brisbane, Australia

27 July: Arrive in Sydney, Australia

28 July: Arrive in Omaha, NE

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