Current Projects

Project Overview:

Provide resources for the tribal community center to be used by numerous tribes to continue passing down their cultural heritage


Project Specifics:

1) Construct tribal community center


Project Timeline:

January 19-24 2015

Mongolia 2015:

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Ongoing Projects

Project Overview:

Support local area student leadership and character program


Project Specifics:

1) Supplement necessary funding to make the program successful

2) Furnish teachers, teaching materials and educational equipment, along with other miscellaneous program assets

3) Provide technical expertise in ongoing promotional outreach, fostering group identity


Project Timeline:

May 25 2014 - August 15 2014

Student Service 2014

Project Overview:

Establish an educational resource in central Nebraska to children


Project Specifics:

1) Supplement tapering funding to stand up an area wide, multi-community and multi-county educational program

2) Provide consultation and networking resources to program staff


Project Timeline:

Summer 2013 - Spring 2015

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