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Welcome to the reFocus 2013 Project Update.


MEF is excited about partnering with an effort that will help children across central Nebraska refocus their priorities to a sustaining and productive lifestyle. This project is a natural extension of our Student Service projects that are focused on summer youth activities (see Student Service 2011, Student Service 2012, Student Service 2013). Rather than being an entirely separate venture, this project is a limited time resource to those in Central Nebraska that extends from the summer into the entire school year.


The major thrust of the effort is a weekly afterschool program intentionally designed much like the educational seminars of the Student Service summer lessons. These lessons help many children to evaluate competing priorities and to equip them to make foundational life direction choices. Lessons taught cover a wide range of elements including social interaction skills, dangers of media usage and internet predators, positive respect to authority, good citizenship and many more. Many of the students who attend these after-school sessions can be classified as disadvantaged who exhibit the beginning markers of high-risk behaviors.


MEF's committment to our primary goal remains the same. Most of our resources do continue to be used in the third world. However, as exhibited in our support of the Student Service initiatives, we have a responsibility to our local area as well. We are excited about this extension and the results that will follow from this effort.

Project Agenda

Project Agenda:


This project will be centered in Central Nebraska covering the counties of Valley, Greeley, Sherman, Howard, Buffalo, Hall, Kearney, Adams, Clay, franklin, Webster, and Nuckolls, NE.


 Summer 2013:

The team leader will recruit necessary volunteers from the local area throughout the summer. After volunteers are solicitied, they will be trained in how to lead and organize these classes.


Fall 2013:

The project calls for these weekly classes and seminars to start during Fall 2013 cooperating with the local school systems in the area. The classes typically run throughout the entire school year encompassing at least 24 weeks of instruction per school session.

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