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Senegal is an area where poverty is rampant with an overall GDP of US$581. The UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) classifies Senegal of 155th of 174 countries in their human development index score (HDI) (source). This is an area of the world with great need.


Toward meeting this need, a second generation humanitarian project that focuses on educational issues is underway to in a target area in Senegal. The project target members have undergone a significant task in learning the language of this tribe of 800 people to bring a substantial improvement in their sociological and economic lives. Now that the language has been fully learned, they are at a point of bringing to fruition many of these educational goals.


In order to facilitate these humanitarian goals and educational improvements in this community, MEF seeks to fully equip these target members with updated technology, refrigeration ability, and improved power capabilities in order to aid their important work.


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