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MEF believes that work in humanitarianism begins at home in our own backyard.  Student Service 2011 is a task that focuses on training young people for service oriented community activities while learning leardership and the value of achievement.


The activities involved in the Student Service 2011 task begin in late May and will extend through the summer months.  After the training has been completed these students will perform educationally driven workshops in various areas in the Omaha, NE area - from the urban to the suburban.  Though the activities here are limited in time, the hope is that this focus on service to others will continue throughout the lifetime of the students who participate in this training.


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Project Agenda:

Present - 1 May 2011

● Student applications to be received, profiles examined, and student selection process

29 May - 3 Jun 2011

● Main element of student service: students receive training in week long educational and motivational seminars

3 Jun 2011

● Graduation ceremony performed for those students successfully completing the training session

6 Jun - 12 Aug 2011

● Week long educational seminars performed by students through  Omaha, NE and surrounding areas


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