Tanzania 2012

Project Overview


Welcome to the Tanzania 2012 task update.


Educational advancement in the third world country of Tanzania is the backbone target of this task.  A tribal school in Tanzania will be constructed along with funding for the school furniture and classroom finishing such as painting.   This task is being completed in conjunction with new boarding facilities being funded by MEF partners.


The school facility will be fully funded beginning in late March 2011 to allow construction to begin.  The facility will be completed by local workers with a scheduled completion time frame ending November 2011.  A team from MEF along with our partners will be flying to the area to complete the task of setting up the school equipment, participating in any finishing work needed, with an official grand opening of the facility in January 2012.

Project Agenda

Project Results

Project Agenda:


02 Jan 2012 - Depart Omaha, NE


03 Jan 2012 - Arrive in Tanzania


04-07 Jan 2012 - MEF team participates in any general preparation needed for grand opening of the facilities


08 Jan 2012 - Boarding house grand opening ceremonies


09 Jan 2012 - School facilities grand opening ceremonies


11 Jan 2012  - MEF staff returns to Omaha, NE






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